NSC employs a team of in-house web and database programmers to develop our proprietary portal system. Our clients use our automated portal systems for call tracking, projects tracking, and report generation. This allows us the ability to keep our clients in the loop with service events, but reduces the need for constant phone call interaction. One of our clients reached out to us and sent us a special thank you upon our completion of a large project for them. In the past, they had always allocated 4 people internally for managing projects of this particular size (>8,000 locations). Because of our efficient portal system, they only needed to allocate 1 person on their end to manage.

NSC has also developed an in depth training module called ‘Tech Hub’. This is a web based on-line training program, which can be customized for the type of on-site services and concepts that a technician services. The program has dedicated training tutorials, videos, and tests, which our technicians are required to pass before performing work for the client.